The mission of this event is to promote a plant based diet for health and the environment in a compassionate way. While this is a vegan event, graphic images or activities will not be permitted, as we want to ensure that people are engaged and enthused, rather than upset by images or encounters.

The following permits are required for vendors.  These must be obtained and paid for by each vendor...

Food Vendors - there is no cooking or open flame allowed unless in an actual food truck and food trucks are limited to a maximum of 4 on a 1st come, 1st served basis.

For ALL Vendors - vehicles are not allowed on the grass at any time so loading and unloading will be done from the street

For ALL Vendors - we will not have any electricity available.  You are welcome to bring a generator if electricity is needed.


Thank you for considering being a exhibitor at Savannah Veg Fest! To participate, you must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Savannah Veg Fest reserves the right to accept or decline any application at its discretion.
  2. Each exhibitor must submit an individual application and payment. There is no sharing of booths or exhibit space without prior approval, which can be obtained by emailing
  3. Exhibitors are responsible for the setup and breakdown of their booth/exhibit, and the removal of all materials.
  4. Setup begins at 7:00am on Sunday, March 22, 2020 and all exhibitors must be ready for operation by 9:30 a.m.
  5. All exhibitors are encouraged to bring hand trucks or wagons to transport their exhibit materials (particularly heavy items) into the park as you cannot drive vehicles into the park.
  6. Exhibitors shall exhibit, sell, or give away only products, services and literature specified in the exhibitor Application.
  7. All food sold or given away must be vegan. Vegan means no animal products, i.e., flesh, fat, broth, gelatin, egg, dairy, or honey.
  8. Because we seek to be a zero-waste event, all food-service disposable items such as plates, cups, and containers, must be compostable.
  9. No plastic-bottled water is allowed to be sold in the park.
  10. No balloons of any type are allowed in the park.
  11. Exhibitors must staff their booths/exhibits for the duration of the entire event – from 10am to 3pm out of courtesy to patrons, other exhibitors and organizers of the event. Failure to follow this condition will result in exhibitor being ineligible to participate in future Veg Fests.
  12. Each exhibitor will provide their own tent if desired (100 sq. ft. maximum — 10′ X 10′) and/or table (8 ft. maximum). All tents shall be weighted and not staked. This is an OUTDOOR event, so be prepared for the expected weather conditions.
  13. Tying together 10’ x 10’ tents to make a larger tent is not permitted.  If you need a space larger than 10’X10′, please contact  There may be an additional fee for a larger space.
  14. All tables, tablecloths, chairs and other staging materials must be provided by exhibitor.
  15. Photos and video of you and your exhibitor table may be used for future outreach, education, marketing, or other purposes.
  16. Animal organizations (or other types of organizations) that breed animals, or support the breeding of animals, are not permitted to participate in VegFest.
  17. Exhibitors must have signage clearly identifying the name of the exhibitor. Food exhibitors must have signage clearly listing food offerings and prices.
  18. All food exhibitors who are cooking/heating onsite and/or have a refrigerator must each have a fire extinguisher by order of the Fire Marshal (a small fire extinguisher will suffice.)
  19. All food/restaurant exhibitors are encouraged (but not required) to give out free samples of their food products.
  20. All food exhibitors are required to provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance of at least $1Million with the following Named Insured Info on it:, 11665 Collier Blvd., Suite 580, Naples, FL 34116.
  21. Although not required, it is highly recommended that all other exhibitors carry similar liability insurance as mentioned above.
  22. Exhibitors agree to make no claim for any reason against event coordinators or the Savannah Veg Fest for theft, damage, or destruction of goods, or for injury to themselves, employees, volunteers, or visitors incurred at the event.
  23. Should any contingency interrupt or prevent the holding of the Savannah Veg Fest, including, but not limited to inclement weather, war, terrorism, or lockouts, the event coordinators and Savannah Veg Fest shall in no way be liable to exhibitors. Should any contingency prohibit the event from taking place as scheduled, event coordinators will make their best effort to reschedule the event on a weekend day as near to the original date as possible, but there is no guarantee that the fest will be rescheduled.